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Positions Available

Bemin Secondary College requires staff who are innovative, flexible, and confident in their ability to contribute to the school community in order for the students to achieve their individual best learning and wellbeing outcomes. To work as both a leader and community member in establishing a strong school culture requires strong critical, creative, and ethical thinking coupled with interpersonal skills that reflect an understanding of equity, inclusion and cultural sensitivities. 

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Teacher Magazine's School Assembly Podcast

Season 2 - Bemin Secondary College

Season 2 of Teacher Magazine's School Assembly podcast featured host Jo Earp following the journey of Bemin Secondary College from inception, through launching in January 2024 and right up to the end of the College's first semester, with insights into the many factors that contribute to building a new educational organisation from our principal Jo Camozzato.

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  • 15 minutes' drive from Point Cook

  • 15 minutes' drive from Caroline Springs

  • 21 minutes' drive from Yarraville

  • 26 minutes' drive from Essendon.

Truganina is one of Victoria's fastest-growing suburbs in the Wyndham City Council local government area. 

The Victorian Government's Victoria in Future report highlights the area as one projected for significant growth, with the area's population set to edge nearly 500,000 by 2036, having grown from just under 300,000 in 2021. By 2036, 67% of the area's population will be under 44 years old, and 46% of total families in the area will continue to have children living at home.

Bemin Secondary College was constructed and opened to help meet the demand for secondary education in the area. The significant need for this in the community resulted in the College opening in 2024 with just over 350 students. The College is projected to more than double these enrolments in 2025.

This new dual-campus school presents a unique experience in creating a culture of educational excellence that will serve the young people of the Truganina community. Graduate teachers are welcome to apply. 

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School Expectations

At Bemin Secondary College, the expectation is that all teachers are committed to collaborating in a multidisciplinary way while working in a professional learning community.  All teachers will have the opportunity to work across both campuses based on qualifications and experience. 

All teachers are expected to develop and/or demonstrate a deep understanding of the School’s pedagogy and the ability to co-create and action the delivery of a guaranteed and viable Victorian curriculum. Along with the expectation that all students will achieve their best individual outcomes, the School will be committed to ongoing adult learning and skill improvement. It is an expectation and requirement that all teachers will embrace the School Wide Positive Behaviour framework that focuses on the teaching and re-teaching of all students' behaviour expectations and routines. All staff will work in partnership with parents and families to provide ongoing feedback about student learning growth and wellbeing.

From the foundation year, the School has committed to building the literacy and numeracy skills of all students across both campuses.


Teaching and Learning

The School will have a continuing focus on establishing a strong Professional Learning community culture supported by an inquiry model of investigation. Collaborative planning is central to the delivery of an engaging curriculum. An emphasis on understanding the evidence-based practices and importance of differentiating learning tasks, providing students and parents with effective feedback and structured lesson planning are core expectations.


Positive Climate for Learning

The School Wide Positive Behaviour framework is the key pedagogy in setting high learning and behaviour expectations along with promoting inclusion. The School strongly advocates and teaches young people the importance of learning and behaviour routines to achieve maximum success at school. 

If you are ready for the next challenge in your career in education and excel in working creatively and collaboratively to enable student success and excellence, then please contact Principal Joanne Camozzato either via phone or email to discuss the role further.


Graduates and Permission To Teach are welcome to apply.

“I have started working at this school as a graduate from abroad and have loved my experience at Bemin Secondary. I have thoroughly enjoyed the support and encouragement that I have from my colleagues as well as my leadership team and the students that we have at the school. It is one of the best decisions I have made to move to Australia and work here at this school."

Sheldon, Classroom Teacher

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