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Welcome to the libraries of Bemin Secondary College, where a world of knowledge and imagination awaits every student. With a dedicated library on each campus, we ensure that all students have convenient access to a vast array of resources designed to support their learning journey and ignite their love for reading.

Digital Library

eWheeler Online Library

Students at Bemin Secondary College have access to the ePlatform where they can access ebooks and audiobooks online.


EmbracingYour Gateway to Unlimited Knowledge Technology in Education

Discover, Explore, and Learn

A Rich Collection of Resources

Our libraries boast a comprehensive collection that caters to the diverse needs and interests of our student body. From the latest novels and timeless classics to scholarly journals and engaging multimedia materials, there's something for everyone. In addition to physical books, our libraries offer an extensive range of digital resources, ensuring that students have access to information in various formats to suit their learning preferences.

Digital Resources at Your Fingertips

Understanding the importance of digital literacy in today's world, our libraries provide access to cutting-edge digital resources. This includes subscriptions to academic databases, online encyclopedias, and a variety of digital periodicals. These resources are invaluable tools for research, projects, and in-depth study across all subject areas.

Embrace the Joy of Reading

Our libraries, both physical and digital, are more than just resource centers; they are vibrant learning environments that inspire curiosity, facilitate discovery, and encourage exploration. We invite all students to take advantage of these incredible resources, diving into the pages of books that spark their interest, broaden their perspectives, and support their academic and personal growth.

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