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At Bemin Secondary College all students will be empowered to achieve their individual best learning and wellbeing outcomes. The learning growth and achievement of all young people will be underpinned by creativity, innovation and a commitment to respectfully work together to create a sustainable future for themselves and their families.


Bemin Secondary College’s mission is to foster a learning community identified by high expectations, a commitment to evidenced based practices and a deep pride in the school values. The College will promote a strong sense of community by building strong home/school partnerships and welcoming all students from across the local neighbourhood.

All students will be supported to develop their identity by differentiated pathways while acknowledging that their individual cultures and personal identities are sources of strength

Bemin Secondary College is a school that provides all young people with the opportunities to be passionate about learning, innovative and creative with their learning while developing a strong sense of community engagement and global responsibility. We are not just preparing students for future pathways in the 21st Century but to open students' thinking to see the possibilities for innovation and inspire them to create their own unique opportunities for the future, be it through further education, training or business enterprises. We aim to equip all young people with the skills and capabilities they need for economic, social and cultural success. 

At Bemin Secondary College, the personalised learning needs of all young people will be realised via a highly differentiated curriculum. This will be supported by the use of evolving technologies, collaborative and problem-based learning combined with a strong focus on strong core literacy and numeracy skills. Teams of educators and industry stakeholders will work together to design, plan and teach a comprehensive curriculum and to provide rich learning environments for all students. Our programs will be supported by contemporary resources and the latest research on teaching and learning. Students will build their skills, self-confidence, leadership abilities and community spirit through a rigorous, but rich and varied curricular and co-curricular program. 

At Bemin Secondary College, we have a high expectation that our students will have a strong commitment, not only to their specialist areas of interest but also to their academic studies. We recognise that in the pursuit of excellence, each student is entitled to equal opportunity, a positive learning environment and on-going support to enable them to realise their fullest potential – intellectual, personal, physical, creative, social and vocational. 

An underpinning value for Bemin Secondary College is that we will create strong and open partnerships between our students, home, staff, community and industry groups, training and tertiary education providers. The College would always strive to understand and respect the cultures and experiences of all community members through our teaching and learning. BSC is committed to all members of the school community working together to provide a safe, caring and stimulated learning environment. Such a learning culture can be developed when based on the values of mutual respect, shared responsibility and co-operation between staff, students and parents.

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