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Enrolment at Bemin Secondary College for Year 10 in 2025 is guided by the Department of Education's policy, ensuring a fair and equitable process for all applicants. Families interested in joining our community are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these guidelines to facilitate a smooth application experience.

Enrolment Requirements for Year 10 2025

Enrolment for Year 10 at Bemin Secondary College is based on the following requirements:

  • Your residential address is located within our Designated Neighbourhood zone on;

  • Your child has satisfactorily completed Year 9; and

  • our capacity to meet the learner's needs.


Main Feeder Schools

Bemin Secondary College works closely with each of our feeder schools to prepare your child for Senior School:

  • Truganina P-9 College

  • Dohertys P-9 College

  • Baden Powell P-9 College

  • Tarneit P-9 College

Please note that you may only be eligible for enrolment at Bemin Secondary College if your residential address is within our Designated Neighbourhood zone, regardless of your child's current school.

Enrolment Process

In Term 2, our feeder schools will request that you indicate your school preference for Year 10 (either the Designated Neighbourhood School or another setting, e.g. private). We will use this information to ensure you are eligible to enrol at Bemin Secondary College.


During Term 3, enrolment packs will be emailed to you. The enrolment packs, along with all of the required documentation can either be returned directly to Bemin Secondary College (Morris Road campus) by the due date indicated in the form. Parents are encouraged to be involved in this exciting process.

Once your enrolment is confirmed, further information around subject selections will be provided.


In December, we will hold a transition day for all prospective Year 10 students. Students will experience their subjects. This is a great opportunity for your child to experience and prepare for their first year as Senior School students.

Designated Neighbourhood School

Bemin SC - Year 10 2025 Zone

The zone for Bemin Secondary College is the geographic area served by the school. The best way to find out if your home is in the Bemin Secondary College zone is to check the Department of Education school zone map at

A child has the right to attend their local (zoned) school. If the zone line intersects the block of land containing your residence, then your child has a right to attend either school.

Further Information

The Department of Education has a range of resources to support their child's move to secondary school:

Bemin Secondary College provides a range of information and resources to help prepare your child for their move to secondary school:


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